sequest is a wrapper on top of ssh2 Node.js module for simplified SSH interface by Mikeal Rogers.

GitHub: mikeal/sequest, License: MIT Mikeal Rogers


ssh2 is the module for SSH networking in Node.js and is written completely in JavaScript.

GitHub: mscdex/ssh2, License: MIT Brian White


mmmagic is a Node.js async binding for libmagic to detect content types by data inspection.

GitHub: mscdex/mmmagic, License: MIT Brian White


Franc is a JavaScript module that helps you detect the language of text.

GitHub: wooorm/franc, License: MIT Titus Wormer


queue is a Node.js module for asynchronous function queue with adjustable concurrency.

GitHub: jessetane/queue, License: MIT Jesse Tane


ware is a Node.js module to help you easily create your own middleware layer.

GitHub: segmentio/ware, License: MIT Segment


harp.js module for Node.js is a static web server with built-in preprocessing.

GitHub: sintaxi/harp, License: MIT Brock Whitten


promise-from-hash is JavaScript and Node.js module that is basically like `Promise.all` but for objects, instead of arrays. It s a very convenient tool to have when you need it.

GitHub: mikach/promise-from-hash, License: MIT Michael


mongojs for is a Node.js driver for MongoDB, that emulates the official API as much as possible.

GitHub: mafintosh/mongojs, License: MIT Mathias Buus

Simple and powerful reactive templating.

GitHub: inductor-labs/hamlet, License: MIT Matt Diebolt


Richer JavaScript errors.

GitHub: davepacheco/node-verror, License: MIT David Pacheco


Google Translate with speech synthesis in your terminal as node package

GitHub: pawurb/normit, License: MIT Paweł Urbanek


CSS Colorguard helps you maintain the color set that you want, and warns you when colors you ve added are too similar to ones that already exist.

GitHub: SlexAxton/css-colorguard, License: Apache 2 Alex Sexton


Mag is the streaming logger for Node.js

GitHub: mahnunchik/mag, License: MIT Eugeny


Chain promises easily in Node.js

GitHub: duereg/songbird, License: MIT Matt


Multi-database ORM - redis, mongodb, mysql, sqlite, postgres, neo4j, memory... Many databases, common API.

GitHub: 1602/jugglingdb, License: MIT Anatoliy Chakkaev


Object schema validation in Node.js with Joi.

GitHub: spumko/joi, License: BSD 4-Clause


changelog release management tool

GitHub: defunctzombie/changelog, License: MIT Roman Shtylman