André König

I’m happy to welcome André König to npmawesome! Very excited to publish his first post about platform.js! Coming from Bremen, Germany, André is very active on NPM and better known for angular-deckgrid, imacss as well as a whole bunch of gulp.js modules. Woot!

Articles & Slides

  • Tim Caswell on history of Node.js callbacks

    Shortly after node was made, the concept of the event emitter was added. We didn’t have the current callback-last style, but had a convention that non-blocking functions would return a special emitter known as a “Promise”.

  • Faster AngularJS Rendering (AngularJS and ReactJS)

    Have you used AngularJs and ran into some performance problems? Using ReactJs rendering becomes much faster. A small examples explains how to use ReactJs for rendering in AngularJs and a comparison is made between native rendering and rendering using ReactJs.


  • Jint is a Javascript interpreter for .NET. Jint doesn’t compile Javascript to .NET bytecode and in this sense might be best suited for projects requiring to run relatively small scripts faster, or which need to run on different platforms.