• Gulp + Browserify: The Everything Post

    When I was done flipping tables, I set aside my newly acquired Grunt + RequireJS skills, and started over again with Gulp and Browserify to see what all the fuss was about.

    You guys. The internet was right. To save you some googling, doc crawling, and trial and error I went through, I’ve assembled some resources and information I think you’ll find helpful in getting started.

  • Roll Your Own Asset Pipeline with Gulp

    Gulp is a build system. It’s like Grunt, Make, Rake, and the like. It’s easy to use for the person running it. While it does have a slight learning curve, you’ll find it a super useful tool for all kinds of tasks. It’ll be the fastest weapon in your toolbox for asset compilation (both in terms of time to develop and run time).

  • Chrome 35 launches with more developer control
    • More developer control over touch input.
    • New JavaScript features.
    • Unprefixed Shadow DOM.
    • A number of new apps/extension APIs.
    • Lots of under the hood changes for stability and performance.