Distributed locking with redislock for Node.js

GitHub: danielstjules/redislock, License: MIT Daniel St. Jules


os-monitor is a very simple monitor for the built-in os module in Node.js.

GitHub: lfortin/node-os-monitor, License: MIT Laurent Fortin


Stepup is a simple control-flow library for Node.js that makes parallel execution, serial execution, and error handling painless.

GitHub: CrabDude/stepup, License: MIT Adam Crabtree


NeDB is an embedded persistent database for Node.js, written in Javascript, with no dependencies.

GitHub: louischatriot/nedb, License: MIT Louis Chatriot


`ndm` is a JavaScript Node.js module that allows you to deploy OS-specific service-wrappers directly from npm packages.

GitHub: npm/ndm, License: ISC Benjamin E. Coe


`hashring` is a consistent hashing algorithm for Node.js that is compatible with libketama and Python s hash_ring package.

GitHub: 3rd-Eden/node-hashring, License: MIT Arnout Kazemier


`hosted-git-info` is a JavaScript module that provides metadata and conversions from repository urls for Github, Bitbucket and Gitlab.

GitHub: npm/hosted-git-info, License: ISC Rebecca Turner


sum-up is a tiny JavaScript module to display package information for Node.js

GitHub: shinnn/sum-up, License: MIT Shinnosuke Watanabe


Phantomas a Node.js utility for PhantomJS-based web performance metrics.

GitHub: macbre/phantomas, License: MIT Maciej Brencz


sequest is a wrapper on top of ssh2 Node.js module for simplified SSH interface by Mikeal Rogers.

GitHub: mikeal/sequest, License: MIT Mikeal Rogers


ssh2 is the module for SSH networking in Node.js and is written completely in JavaScript.

GitHub: mscdex/ssh2, License: MIT Brian White


mmmagic is a Node.js async binding for libmagic to detect content types by data inspection.

GitHub: mscdex/mmmagic, License: MIT Brian White


Franc is a JavaScript module that helps you detect the language of text.

GitHub: wooorm/franc, License: MIT Titus Wormer


queue is a Node.js module for asynchronous function queue with adjustable concurrency.

GitHub: jessetane/queue, License: MIT Jesse Tane


ware is a Node.js module to help you easily create your own middleware layer.

GitHub: segmentio/ware, License: MIT Segment


harp.js module for Node.js is a static web server with built-in preprocessing.

GitHub: sintaxi/harp, License: MIT Brock Whitten


promise-from-hash is JavaScript and Node.js module that is basically like `Promise.all` but for objects, instead of arrays. It s a very convenient tool to have when you need it.

GitHub: mikach/promise-from-hash, License: MIT Michael


mongojs for is a Node.js driver for MongoDB, that emulates the official API as much as possible.

GitHub: mafintosh/mongojs, License: MIT Mathias Buus

Simple and powerful reactive templating.

GitHub: inductor-labs/hamlet, License: MIT Matt Diebolt