10 Common blogging Mistakes That Destroys A Blog

Do You know how to avoid blogging mistake ? If you don’t know then read the article carefully.

Life depends on goals. Without goals, we cannot achieve our target. Because a goal is one thing which always keep us motivated and confident. So it’s very important to set goals in your Blogging career. Set small goals at the beginning and when you achieve it, set more and work for it. Do not build castles in the sky be realistic. So if you haven’t set goals till now then its time to set it.

2. Patience

No one can become a successful blogger in one day. Actually the reality is that Blogging requires a lot of patience. When a Blogger does not have any patience than he is hurting his abilities. Without patience no one can achieve his main target. So patience is too much necessary in the Blogging world. Actually I called patience a weapon of a Blog, if you have this weapon then you can take your Blog from the land to the sky.
If you believe that you will become a successful blogger over night then it is a big blunder and my suggestion for you is to leave Blogging because this can only happen in dreams.

3. Writing Poor Content

We always prefer to those Blogs who have attractive and simple content. Content is the king of a Blog. If your Blog contains high quality contents then every one will respect it. But if it contains poor content then even a poor reader will not visit to it. So if there are some poor contents on your Blog then I recommend you to edit it and bring changes in it, that the reader can easily understand and read it.

When someone is new in his Blogging carrier, his first aim is to drive traffic to his Blog and concentrate on Blog SEO. I have seen many Bloggers who give much preference to content and do not concentrate on their SEO. Without SEO Blog situation is like tea without milk. So along with content also focus on SEO. Following article will help you to learn more about SEO.

5. Blog Design

The design of your Blog should look attractive because it’s your first impression and the first impression is always the last impression. For example for a short time, a visitor come to your Blog and he found that your Blog design [http://web.archive.org/web/20150908131946/http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Blog] is jumbled up which make him irritated. Here he has only one option and that is to leave your Blog without reading a post. So choose such type of design which is simple, attractive and have proper coloring.

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6. Spelling And Grammatical Mistakes

Spelling and grammatical mistakes leave a bad impression on visitors. Therefore we should avoid this mistake by checking the post again and again after writing. Checking the post again and again will also enhance our vocabulary and will help us to seek out spelling and grammatical mistakes in the post.

7. Writing One Post In A Week

Writing one post in a week is very bad habit. At least we should write one or two posts each day to enhance our Blog performance. If we take an example of TV channel, so every channel has its own shows which are played on the daily basis. If a such channel was having one show and they played same episode continuously then no one will watch that channel. In such case if a Blog post once a week then no one will visit to that Blog.

8. Lack Of Knowledge

Before writing any post you must have sufficient amount of knowledge about that topic. If you have lack of knowledge about that topic then do some study about that topic and then write it in your own style. As I have told before that no one is this world is perfect. We always learn from each other and from our mistakes.

Social media is an important source of driving traffic to our Blogs. So we should totally take full advantage of this opportunity. The search engine also loves those Blogs which are shared on the abundant number of social websites. So here we need to have a Facebook Fan page, Twitter Profile, Google Plus  and Pinterest accounts in order to share our Blog post on it.

10. Temper

Again its come with patience, you should keep control on your temper if you get less traffic than other day or you are not getting good traffic. So instead of checking your traffic analysis everytime, you should focus on your content because it is the main objective of your Blog.