Slow PC Clock


After a while everybody starts to have a slow pc clock. This is because the clock for your computer is hooked up to its own small battery. It is this separate battery that allows your computer to keep the time even when the computer is turned off. Eventually these batteries will wear out and die. It is just how batteries work; a slow pc clock is a sign of a dying clock battery.

To fix your slow pc clock, you will need to change the battery.

Before changing the battery of your slow pc clock, you will want to enter your BIOS system (you can do this during the starting up of your computer-when the prompt to press F1 comes up, press F1). There are going to be a lot of settings listed in the BIOS system that contain information about the PC and its hardware. This information will be lost if that clock battery dies. Make sure to write down all of the settings listed in BIOS-write down every single one of them. Then turn off your computer.

After your computer has shut down completely you can open the case. On your motherboard there will be a small battery that is about the size of a small silver button. There should be a model number written on the battery. Usually the number will be CR-2032, but don’t take this for granted. Write down the model number that is on the battery. You do not want to buy the wrong battery do you?

You can find the new battery at an electronics store. Most of the good ones will have the exact battery you need. Make sure you have your model number with you when you buy the battery.

When you get back to your computer you can take out the old battery and put the new battery in. These batteries are usually enclosed in a little casing that is made out of plastic. After the battery has been replaced and reinstalled, you can put the cover back on to your computer and turn the computer back on.

Like you did before, look for the prompt to push F1 and enter BIOS. When you are in BIOS you will need to find the “Load Setup Defaults” option. This is your first stop in the BIOS system. It is where you will manually enter in all of the settings that you wrote down before you changed the battery-including the time and the date. After those settings have been entered, you can restart the computer and make sure that the changes have been saved in BIOS. This should have fixed your problem!

Changing the battery is the best way to fix a slow pc clock. You can change the time manually by clicking on the time stamp in the lower right hand corner of your desktop and entering in the time for your computer. Keep an eye on the time for a few days to make sure everything is working properly!