5 Reasons of Failures in Blogging

1. Lack of Blogging Plan and Vision

2. Mentally Not Prepare for Blogging

3. Insufficient Blogging Content

4. No Target and if target, No Time Period to achieve target.

5. Lack of Material create Disappointment, hence Fails

6. Taking Blogging very light or as a Part time job (Not Serious regarding their blogs)

Feedback and comments have play a vital role in success. I observed many bloggers who don’t allow to comments. They fear what readers might say. They also fear the time and expenses of staffing required to handling them. They fear criticism. Think which personality of the world that was not criticized, Bill Gate, Obama, Bush, or Nelson Mandela of South Africa? Everyone was criticized but they continued their struggle and scuffle to become a successful man. They rejected negative criticism and accepted if they understand better. So don’t fear from criticism. Give a chance to people to say them. May be you will got better suggestion and idea to boost up your business? Criticism is a part of life especially when you are becoming a professional businessman. Focus on doing what is best, instead of failing out as a result criticism.

One of the most common reasons in failing of blogging is lack of content, lack of

and lack of posting frequently. Blogging is about learning new thing and then convert them into your attractive writing. The ways of your presentation, writing content much more affect the blog. If your communication and writing skills are not good, you could not establish a blog for a long time. Why people can’t produce good content because they have no research. I observed bloggers that they start blogging in quickly by seeing others but don’t try to read the books or online on the related topic. A well searched content is better than one hundred non searched content and this things suited to bloggers perfectly. Blogger failed because they can’t produce useful information for readers.

Great Albert Einstein stated that “Genius is the ability to focus on one particular thing for a long time without losing concentration.” The most significant thing to become a professional and successful blogger is to have patience and consistency. As blogging is an online business so it takes time to boost up and competition make it very hard. If you understand blogging as a short cut to earn a huge income in shortest time, then you are wrong. Throw the concept of shortcut from your mind, Many blogger failed because they just come here to earn money, so they lose their patience and can’t establish consistency in their work, resultantly leave blogging. Time period is also very important. If you don’t update your blog on daily basis (when you are at initial stage) and don’t give time to your online business then you can’t go next more. Blog needs consistency with time period.