5 excellent applications for Windows 8

Along with Windows 8, came the Windows Store for applications. MS decided to dive in the battle that Google Play and App Store have been fighting for years now. And it came armed with a great marketplace for applications, which has the potential to eventually tie up for second place with Google play. Windows 8 and Windows RT are customized for tablets, and other devices with Intel and ARM chips, so the Windows Store must have essential applications for this.

At the time of it’s launching, the Windows Store had 10,000 applications, more or less. It has now been provided with 13,000 new apps by various developers. When it first came out, around 500 apps were uploaded every single day! These days, that number has gone down to 400, but it’s still a great deal of applications that are being uploaded daily. Anyway, you all read the title of this article, so I’ll stop with all the praising, and go straight to number 1.

1. Xbox SmartGlass

You can find a great application in the Windows Store related to the X360. This nifty little app connects your system with the console and provides more interactive entertainment. With this app, you have the ability to use your device as a second screen, or even a remote controller for the Xbox360. It was announced by MS at E3 2012 and it came out on the same day as Windows 8. The applications is also supported on Windows 8 phones, iOS 6, and Android ICS and above.

2.Fresh Paint

This is one of the better applications you can download from the Windows Store. It’s a unique and entertaining painting tool. It uses the greatly praised multi-touch power of Windows 8 and Windows RT.

Like the description of the application on the Windows Store says, the app is a really realistic and an entertaining game for you, your family, or your friends. It helps you express yourself in a very creative way, and that’s a fact.

3. Skype

When it comes down to VoIP services, Skype is still numero uno! These days, MS owns it, and they have integrated it with the new Windows 8 and Windows 8 Phone OS’s. If you’ve ever used a computer, you know what Skype is, and if you don’t then go back into the cave you just crawled out of. Gollum’s are not wanted on this website. Just kidding though, you have probably heard of it in one way or another.

There is one downside to it though, it doesn’t have a Search Bar, and that will be really unfortunate for when you want to search through your contacts. It comes with Windows Messenger as well, and since Windows 8 and RT machines have touch capability, it’s gonna be one awesome experience using Skype!

4. TuneIn Radio

So you have a passion for internet radios huh? What’s that? You’re crazy about them? Great, cause when you’re using Windows 8, you have the TuneIn radio. IT has really advanced technology, and it’s not afraid to show it off in style. You have direct access to over 70,000 radio stations in this application.

The TuneIn radio allows you to track your favorite channels, and you can literally tune in to your favorite radio stations across the globe. You can choose from a wide variety of stations, like sport stations, news, music, language stations, and many more.

5. WeatherBug

This is one those apps that you have to have. It will instantly provide all weather updates you are interested in. You can open this application, and receive updates from many weather forecast sources. It will give you weather conditions for the current time, and you can also check the predictions for the next couple of days as well. It provides satellite imagery, humidity, pressure, wind speed, temperature info, and a lot more. It also has a Live Tile icon, enabling you to read all this information on your Start Screen.