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Now a days phone thefts are very common. You buy a latest android or iPhone and use it with out any security application. Then in case if you lost your phone how can you trace your stolen phone. To take this issue as lite its not an ordinary phone, it’s a high end phone which costs up to 40 thousand. So what you will do to get back your stolen smart phone.
Use any one of the below android anti theft apps to secure your smart phone. These Anti theft apps are very important in now a days.
It shows a clear direction to find you mobile. You can make the phone ringing while it is in silent mode also. You can capture the thief location with your stolen smart phone camera and you can record the video also. You have a full control over your phone through this app. You can make call to any number from your stolen phone from the Cerberus website.
The features of this app are you can get the call log, SMS log, wipe device memory, wipe SD card, record audio, Lock with code, Unlock.
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Airdroid is one of the Remote android management app. Using this app you can access your android remotely. The main purpose of this is accessing remotely. But once think how it will be useful to prevent theft.
The features of this app are you can upload and download your personnel images and files from your android device remotely. Easily locate the phones location through GPS. Transfer all your calls , message to your computer.
This is also one of the best android anti theft application. By using this app you can do the following operations on your stolen smart mobile.
Ring feature enables you to ring your mobile even it is in silent or vibration mode. GPS feature is helpful to get the phones location to track it easily. Camera feature is capturing the phone operators photo and send it to the predefine email address or you can access them on where’s my droid website by login with your id. Wipe feature is enables you to wipe all your personnel data from the phone memory or SD card memory.
Plan B is a beautiful app which is not required to install in a phone before theft. By using this app you can find out your lost android phone with out installing it in your device.
The features of this app are it is start locating your phone by using cell towers and GPS. You will receive updates every 10 minutes while it is moving or stand alone. To locate your phone you have to send SMS from another phone. This SMS contains some commands like “locate”, “Ring” etc. When this app is starts working you will get emails about your phones location. Plan B works only with Android 2.0 – 2.3 versions
This is a screen capture app that will capture the thief photo when he tries to unlock your phone. When he entered wrong pattern of the unlock then this app takes the person photo and also grabs the location of the phone and send the google maps link to the predefined Gmail account of the phone owner. With this app you can easily identify the person who uses your phone with out your permission.
I hope these anti theft apps will help to track your mobile location if the mobile was stolen.If you have any doubts then please mention that in the comment form.