3 Best Remote Desktop Control Tools For Windows

               By using these 3 simple tools you can interact with your friend, relative, clients system and solve their problems without going to their place. Actually windows has remote admin facility but it is done only in a network . But these three gives better performance through out the internet and network than that windows default tool and easy to use.
Actually there are so many remote control tools to access computers remotely. But here I introduce the 3 best and easy to use portable tools.They are……
            It is a freeware for non commercial use which is used to connect to computer remotely. It is a small tool of size 600 KB  and it doesn’t require any installation.More than 15,000,000 people use this freeware tool through out the world.The software is very helpful for troubleshooting the client system, taking virtual classes.
     *         Launch this application by double click on the tool.
     *         It shows a window which contains your ID , start  etc. You need to start your application to        
                connect with others.
     *         In this windows you observe two section like client and operator. In client your ID is present and 
                this is your permanent ID for remote desktop connection. Next one is operator. Here you will 
                provide the ID of your friend, client, or  which computer you need to operate. 
     *        After entering the operator ID then click on connect. It waits for client side approval after done this 
               the client system desktop will be appeared on your desktop.
     *        With this software you can send and receive files from your system to client system.
     *        It doesn’t ask for installation and admin rights.
     *        It will support mostly all windows operating systems.
Download : 
              This is one of the best freeware tool operate client computer remotely.By using this you can perform various tasks like file transfer, chatting, sending commands etc.
     *        supremo remote desktop is a small tool and easy to use.
     *        No installation is required to use this software. Just double click it and run it.
     *        It provides chatting facility with the remote system. This chatting experience is like the messengers
               we see in the online messengers.
     *        Supremo has three main options to connect with remote system.
               “ Allow remote connection”  – Here you find your system remote connection ID.
               “ Connect to a remote computer” –  Here you provide your friend or your client system Supremo
                  remote desktop ID.
               “ Options” – Here you find the general options about Password.
     *        After entering the remote computers ID their desktop will be appear in you desktop. In this you
               find different options like “ lock mouse and keyboard”, “Send and receive files”, “start chatting” .
Download :
             Team Viewer is the most known and popular remote desktop application. The team viewer website provides a facility to connect to your computer or your friends computer remotely. But this is a trial period of 30 days. We can use the software in your system for effective remoe management.
     *       After downloading this software just double click on the setup file. It prompt you to choose the 
              installation type.Actually the software runs in two different modes. One is Installation and second 
             one is without installation.
    *       If you use this for one time then go for Run Option in the installation window. It directly goes to the
             team Viewer Connection window.
    *       Here you notice ID and password in the “Allow remote control section”. You may change your
             password by clicking on the symbol behind the password.You can choose a random password or
             choose user defined password.
    *       In “control remote computer” section you enter the remote systems Team Viewer Id and then click
            on Connect. It will ask you the password of the client computer.
    *       After giving all these login credentials you are able to control the client desktop.Before connection it 
             asks “which operation do you want to perform . The options are “operate remote system” or “send 
             and receive files”. Here your requirement is to operate and troubleshoot the client system go to 
             option one that is “Operate remote system”. If you want to Sending some files to the client or
              receive files then go to the option two i.e “send and receive files”.
Download :