Fix Slow PC


It is very frustrating when a PC starts to run very slowly. For many people their computer is almost a kind of “life line” to the rest of the world. It is how they communicate with friends and family who are far away, how they do their banking and pay their bills and how they entertain themselves via gaming, hobby sites etc. To fix slow pc there are a number of things you can do:

The first way to fix slow PC is to check the PC’s documents folder-it should never ever be full. If the documents folder is bursting to the gills, it is time to do some weeding. Take a look through your files and see what you can get rid of. Some files can simply be deleted and there are probably plenty of others that you can burn to a CD or transfer to an external hard drive for storage. Music and photo files take up a lot of space-perhaps you can upload your photos to an online photo album like photobucket or flickr.

The second step to fix slow PC is to take a look at the programs you have installed. The best way to do this is through the Add/Remove programs tool in the control panel. Chances are high that you have downloaded lots of programs over the life of your computer that you no longer use. Get rid of them! If you don’t play that game anymore, uninstall it! If you have four photo editors, pick your favorite and get rid of the rest! Remember, if you find that miss those programs, you can always reinstall them.

When you have gone through your programs and cleaned them out, you will want to run a Registry cleaner. The registry cleaner can be downloaded for free from a few different companies and it does a check of your computer system for parts of files or programs that didn’t get deleted or uninstalled. When it finds these little leftover bits, it deletes them. A simple registry cleaning will do wonders to fix slow pc.

After you have run your registry cleaner, do a spyware check. You can use a free program like AdAware for this. This program will check through every file on your computer to find spyware that could be harming your computer or slowing it down. There are lots of sites on the internet that seem harmless but will still install a spyware cookie onto your system. Programs like AdAware clean up those cookies and help keep your pc running smoothly.

Finally you will want to do a disk cleanup and defragment your hard disk. These programs are already installed on your computer and are essential for cleaning out your temporary internet files and getting rid of things your computer no longer uses.

These are just a few simple fix slow PC tips. These are all clean up tips that you can do yourself and should only take a couple of hours the first time around.