5 Secret Ways of Driving Traffic to Your Blog!

As we all know, Traffic  is like blood for any site. For growth of any site or blog you require traffic. For increasing sales of your own product or increasing affiliate sales traffic is must. And along with that we all know that how hard it is to bring traffic, not just it is hard but this process is also very time taking + we’ve got several lakhs of other sites trying the same methods which we tried.
The most common and efficient method to drive traffic is no doubt but getting traffic from Search Engines; ie:- Organic Traffic. But, for getting enough organic traffic you need to work hard for ranking in search engines which is again a time taking process. So, is driving traffic this hard? No, it isn’t. Driving traffic isn’t anyway hard. It is just that you need to know your methods and not just going after the crowd. Here are 5 secret methods which no one has ever concentrated on to drive traffic.
Hot Trends are great of getting some good amount of traffic in very less period of time. Whenever there is a hot trend you can do the thing is write-up a post on your blog and along with that write up a little eBook which you can upload on sites like Scribd and various similar sites. Make sure you put up your blog’s link in the eBook for couple of times so the visitor who read the eBook also visit your blog.
There are various Content syndication portals like AllTop and similar. This sites syndicate content of a site to there own. Now, there are large number of people who are always searching on sites like AllTop which will then land up to your site. This is one of the best way to start getting traffic easily and quickly.
Whenever there is an public event like Trade Shows & Meetings related to your niche then you should grab that opportunity and give a little speech about the knowledge you have. This gives you both fame as well as it will help you make new friends from the events. While giving speech you need to make sure that you mention about your blog. Thus, it’ll bring you visitors which will be interested in knowing more about you and if you’re good enough then chances are that you’ll get some regular visitors with this method. Though for implementing this method you need to have some faith and confidence on yourself.
One of the simple and though one of the very effective ways of driving traffic. Of course it isn’t any secret that writing guest post will bring you traffic. But, then also there are certain people who ignore this method and they miss out lot of potential out there waiting for there blog. You just have to write post on different blog related to your niche and this will bring visitors from that blog to your blog.
This is most important point for any new blogger. I’ve seen many new bloggers trying to get copy all the styles of different bloggers. This will make them lose there own natural talent and their own skills. Whenever you write anything on your blog, make sure that you are sounding who you are. You don’t need to hype much nor you need to show less then what you’re.
This were few unusual and so called Secret methods which are not used much by the bloggers. I’m sure this methods will help you in growing traffic of your blog. Hope you like it and do share your thoughts with us using the comment form given below.