12 Crazy Health Suggestions, That Just Might Work!!

Personal trainers are always telling clients about eating healthy and getting your 5 days of cardiovascular exercise in. They explain the rate at which you burn bodyfat the best in great detail. But, people are only human and sometimes doing those things is easier said then done. Following a strict diet and exercise program is not the easiest thing to do and trying to adhere to it affects all aspects of your life. The following suggestions are those that you probably didn’t think about, to help you on your quest for better health. Try some of these and see how much easier it makes you feel getting into your health and fitness routine.
1. Schedule one or two week-long breaks each year, where you do no exercise. It is important to give your body a break every so often to keep it rejuvenated.
2. Reward yourself with non-food items: DVD’s, clothes, etc.
3. When you shop for groceries, try to do it when you are not hungry. Everything looks good then.
4. Reward yourself with non-food items: DVD’s, clothes, etc.
5. Limit your meal-eating to the kitchen or dining-room table. Don’t watch television or read while you eat. You will have a tendency to eat more because you will not be focusing on your food as much.
6. Assign other family members their own places to store snack foods. Ultimately, you want them to be on the same page as you, which means getting rid of their junk foods and eating the snacks you want them to eat.
7. Don’t carry any change for the vending machines. Chances are they don’t have anything that would be good for you anyways.
8. When you eat make sure you breathe, put your fork, food, or drink down between bites and sips. Try not to wolf everything down in one bite.
9. Burn more calories by walking while you talk on the phone. A cordless phone is great to use while walking around the house or yard.
10. It is alright to splurge on a dessert or a pizza, just do it in moderation. Balance the rest of the week accordingly so that you can reward yourself for one day of the week.
11. If you constantly feel hungry and deprived, you’re not eating enough food. You need to eat food to lose weight. Sounds funny doesn’t it. Try supplementing your diet with more low-calorie choices to keep the metabolism up and your body working efficiently to burn bodyfat for energy.
12. Don’t worry so much about the numbers. It what you do and how you feel that will make you a success.
Those tips were all practical and very easy to think about. Sometimes the ideas that are the most helpful are the ones that are right in front of your face and take little effort. For specific health and weight loss tips, you can email losing_weight_now@getresponse.com for more information.
Adam Kessler is the President of Fitness Planning Consultants, Inc. in Columbus, Ohio. He also runs Sports Conditioning Specialists, a private training studio for athletes and clients who want to control their weight. For more information on health and fitness, check out their website at