Internet Marketing -Journey of a Neophyte Marketer


I began my Journey back in 2009 and actually some time before that but ’09 is when I began in earnest. I searched high and low. I learned about Google Adsense, Adwords, Clickback, Amazon’s Affiliate program and a TON of scams and get rich quick schemes.

I lost track of how many MLM’s and pyramid schemes I looked into. I bought into a couple of them. Good thing my money was short or I probably would have bought into many more of them. They are really made to look so enticing. If I had only known, I could have bypassed all of that!

I learned how to put together a workable web site. Learned a little bit about blogging. Set up my free web site and started blogging. I put some ads out there to promote my site. All free ads on free classifieds and such. I thought I had it going on. I had this cool new web site with Adsense set up and some Clickbank hoplinks set up on it.

I was ready to watch the cash start rolling in. I learned about keywords and such and promoting my website and such, but I just didn’t learn enough about keywords or how to pick them or optimize my site. After about eight or nine months, I totally gave up. I was completely dejected.

There I was looking for work at home opportunities again. No way was I going to look into an internet business! I was DONE with that a long time ago. I was going to find a REAL work at home job. Like maybe data entry or proofreading or something of the sort. Something REAL!

I looked into one thing after another. The majority of the opportunities I found wanted me to PAY THEM to sell their stuff or for the privilege to work for them. Well there was no way I was going to PAY someone to do work for them! THEY are supposed to pay ME! I was getting so frustrated!

Maybe I would go ahead and give the affiliate marketing a try again. I figured since I didn’t know enough about keywords and SEO that I would just post TONS of adds on Craigslist and other such sites with my affiliate link. Surely I would be able to generate a little bit of cash. All the time I was thinking in the back of my mind that I was setting myself up for failure again.

I came across this simple looking web site where this guy was blogging about affiliate marketing. Actually he was reviewing an affiliate program. The program he was reviewing was Wealthy Affiliate.

Well, right off the name caught my attention. So I figured I would do some research on it. The first thing I did was click on the link to check out the web site. I checked it out a bit, browsed through the pages and information. Right away I noticed there was a lot of information and ABSOLUTELY NO ADS!

What? What kind of internet site doesn’t have ADS? not Google Adsense or anything! ARE YOU KIDDING ME????? Just how did these guys expect to make any money? Don’t they know they need to at least have Adsense up and running on their site?

Well I decided to go do my due diligence and Google these guys. So I started checking out all the Google hits with Wealthy Affiliate in their content. I fully expected to find some negative reviews on these guys or at the very least one or two reviewers giving them a good review so they could make an affiliate commission.

Well, I could tell you how all I found was nothing but rave reviews about these guys. I could tell you that all these reviewers were doing nothing but getting an affiliate commission from promoting WA. And it would all be true. But these guys were ranking in the top search engine pages on different search criteria. These guys are all members and affiliates of the WA site. Well that was at least enough to make me go take a closer look at them.

So, I went back to the site and had a more in depth look around. I liked what I saw enough to take it for a test drive with a FREE starter membership.

I jumped right in. The other members made me feel like i was a part of something GREAT! I couldn’t believe it! I kept wondering when they were going to ask me to join THEIR special group and pay so much money to do so! Guess what? It never happened! They were genuinely welcoming me a being completely honest in their assessment of the site! How do I know? Because I do the same thing now!

It sent a real warm fuzzy feeling through me, and I’m not used to those kinds of feelings. I’ve lived a pretty hard life and hung around some pretty hard people. The people there are AMAZING!

To make a long story short, I learned more from the Wealthy Affiliate web site in the first week than I did all the rest of the time I did research on affiliate marketing and web sites and SEO and keywords.

Oh my goodness! I was suffering from information overload. And I’m still learning and will be for some time to come. Kyle and Carson, the co-founders of Wealthy Affiliate have put together one awesome site there. I would not only recommend it to anyone looking to do ANYTHING pertaining to internet marketing or affiliate marketing or blogging or anything else having to do with the internet, I would recommend it to MY MOTHER! And if you knew how much I love and miss my mother you would know how highly I regard Wealthy Affiliate. So head on over there and check it out.

If you need to check it out further, I don’t blame you. I didn’t take any one person’s word for it either. I did my research. I checked it out. So go check it out then go sign up for a FREE starter membership.