How Do Blogs Make Money

A great question to start with is, “How do blogs make money?” A simple enough answer is to say that a blog is a way of promoting products for a certain company or a person. You have the sidebar areas for banners and of course, the actual blogging area for doing product promotions or reviews. So, basically you are using your blog as an advertising platform and you will be getting paid for the sales that you make.

Learning the answer to how do blogs make money, is a process and can be a challenge.

I think anyone who is thinking about blogging for money should consider investing in a program to learn the art of it to start out. You can find some free info and doing “free” research in the beginning is good. But, it is very time consuming and no one is going to just hand you the secrets of how to make millions blogging for free. They have paid a price to learn those secrets and let’s face it we are going to have pay our price to learn as well. Let me just say that you will either pay that price in cash or in blood, sweat and tears. Why not make it easier and just invest in a starter program and go from there?

Deciding which program or system to get into can also be a challenge. Since you can’t just throw a blog together and have money start rolling in, you are going to need a place to begin. There are so many great teachers out there that it can make deciding on a starting place mind boggling. Who are the best teachers? Which system is easier to understand? Which system is more for the advanced blog user? How much does it cost to learn all this blogging stuff anyway?

Let me try and help you answer some of those questions by comparing a few of these programs and see if it’s possible to make millions blogging.


The first system I recommend for anybody is, “Google Sniper 2.0” by George Brown. The ease of this step by step system is great for those just starting out. But, it also takes you up to more intermediate areas of blogging as well.

This system will start out with:

* -Showing you how to find a niche
* -Determining your high volume targeted keywords
* -Picking a product to promote
* -How to set up your wordpress site
* -Giving you keys to get indexed by Google

This really is a foolproof system. The strategy of Google Sniper 2.0 is outstanding. If you follow his instructions, which are very easy to understand, you can’t lose. In 2-4 hours you can have your money-making website up and running. The beautiful thing here is for the small price he charges to learn everything he teaches you will be able to make a great start with your very first blog. Which is a great way to begin to learn how to make millions blogging!

So, to answer the question of how do blogs make money, I can safely say is, there is much to learn about the entire process. If you are just looking for a casual answer then then answer can be found searching the web. If you are serious about using your blog to make money then I suggest getting serious about learning how it’s done. Get yourself a copy of Google Sniper 2.0 and get started now.

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