How To Use Graphics To Make Your Visitors Buy

Use banners, images, and other graphical elements to make people feel strong emotions. But not just any emotions. Emotions that will motivate them away from their pain toward your pain relief method. Emotions that will motivate them toward the pleasure that your product can provide them.

Use graphics to communicate that you understand what they are going through. You can do this effectively by using images of people who are experiencing a similar frustration. Once you have their attention, you can start talking to them about what it would be like to be rid of their frustration. What would they be able to do with their lives? What new freedom would they have?

Think about it. Why are before and after pictures so powerful for weight loss products? If you are overweight, you will instantly connect to the before picture with the fat person, and you will be excited to see the slimmed down version of that person in the after picture. You will ask yourself if the weight loss method could work for you.

Once you have your customer emotionally interested in your product, start to explain the benefits they will get when they buy it. How will their life be improved? How can you help them reach their desired outcome? Explain the steps to them. The more specific you can be with the benefits the better. Think about measurable, tangible results. People respond to abstract and ambiguous sounding benefits. They want to start feeling better in 7 days or less! Tell them how their lives will improve within 3 days. (But only promise what you can deliver.)

When you promise something that is completely unrealistic, people will turn away. Most will not be fooled by wild accusations and unbelievable claims.

You can use flashing arrows, and you can use flashy add-to-cart buttons. Just make it obvious how to pay for the product. Don’t hide the “buy now” button!

Use all the graphics that you can to represent your product. Use screen shots and cover images to demonstrate quality. If you have a money back guarantee, try to use a graphic to represent it. Use a banner or flashy symbol that states the money back guarantee.

Using a P.S. in a small font can be effective as well. If you get somebody to read all the way down to the bottom of your sales pitch, they will read your P.S. It’s almost like you are whispering at this point. Your P.S. is where you deal with any extra concerns that they might have after reading all the benefits and seeing the buy now button. Remember that you may have to ask for the sale several times before you actually get it. Keep repeating your unbeatable offer.