Let me tell you It’s far from easy buying Gifts For A Gamer. With Christmas for 2013 just around the corner, family members, boyfriends, girlfriends and parents of gamers are already starting to tremble in their boots. Why?. No not in fear of your much loved gamer camped in front of the TV for hours on end playing games. Well maybe
But because it’s a nightmare trying to find the perfect gift idea for someone who loves playing video games (Even if it is ALL day). They/we seem to have it all (ahh but only in your eyes). Before we dive into this gamers guide for awesome gifts, let me first state this.
*Unless it’s been pre-requested by the gamer of course. Reason being this. Gamers are very articulate in which style and type of games they play and own. As a buyer you have little to no chance of picking a random game and it becoming a prized possession. Plus with online games and various consoles etc nowadays. It would be very tough for you to get the right game without actually asking “What game did you say was coming out in about 2 months that you said you wanted?”. Chances are he or she has already pre ordered a copy or will buy on the actual release date.
Enough with the tough questions already!. Not one list of Top 10 Gamers Gift Ideas will satisfy all the gamers in the world. It’s a really tough market to buy for. BUT! We are here to try and help. As little as it may be. Something on display here might just pop out for you and go YES that’s exactly the gift He or She’s after.
Hopefully other fellow gamers can chime in with suggestions down the bottom of this page also. Hint Hint…(Comments Section) Perhaps it’s a gift YOU want as a gamer, share it with the world and help out the poor struggling families and friends of the much loved gamer. Who knows. You may even benefit out of it also.


Gamers are into all kinds of weird and wacky geeky things. From Star Wars to the popular Big Bang Theory (With many in-between). The number one hang out for your geeky gamer is over at . They have an incredible collection of all the weird and groovy things we gamers LOVE. In fact there is well over 1000 gifts available. If you cant find a gift idea over there I’ll eat my hat!. Head over there now or you can read on and see what products we have hand selected as some of out favorites.


Who would have thought…A gaming headsets review site recommending gaming headsets as a gift idea for gamers?. Not Me! Whoever your buying for, if they haven’t got a gaming headset. Then get them one! Seriously, they will love you forever! Especially if they are fans of a particular game..Maybe Call Of Duty Black Op’s 2?. The X-Ray headset is the special edition release branded to this game. It will blow their mind away. Plus it’s a pretty awesome headset. Will set you back around $100. Read more about it HERE .
Alternatively you can get cheaper headsets this Christmas. We have bagged a few and put only the best according to your specific price range.
When you wander into a gamers bedroom,game-room, garage what’s the one thing you always notice?. Clutter and lots of it. Games here and there, cords hanging from curtains (yes it’s been done) and several consoles fighting for that last bit of space on their undersized desk. Not too mention memorabilia and special edition figurines.
How would a gift possible fix this gamers mess?. Well an organized gamers desk certainly would help!. If the gamer in your life is suffering from an overload of gaming equipment, perhaps these ideas might help.


Many gamers do actually take care and look after their gear. But some, well….we are all just kids deep down inside still. So just like the little kids with their toys all over the shop. Gamers game collection can often get out of control. Not too mention certain accessories ahem ‘Guitar Hero Guitars’. Why not get a video game storage cabinet that holds GH guitars as well. Awesome!. Well GH may have passed but the inner rock god will never die. The cabinet also stores a console and even controllers.


 A shirt! Are you serious?. Well maybe not the best gift idea for all game players. But you would be surprised at just how many actually wear and collect video game shirts. Whether they be humor based or representing their favorite game. Perhaps even a little geeky. Just how Sheldon Cooper shirts are so in fashion now!.
There is far too many T-shirts for me to possible show you all here. So if you want you can see the full Amazon catalog here . After all doesn’t everyone usually get some item of clothing for Christmas?.


That’s right a chair specifically made for gamers. We all need comfort right, so why not spoil the lucky gamer in your life with the best there is for gaming chairs. The chair we have highlighted is the X Rocker Pro Series Pedestal Video Gaming Chair. So this particular chair is wireless and connects to your PS3 Xbox 360 Game Boy, Mp3 Player, surround sound system, Cd/DVD drive. Features a booming sub woofer and speakers on either side of your head. The sound cranks and is the new dimension in gaming. To totally immerse yourself in the game, you need to try one of these beasts. The chair also vibrates which is a pretty cool feature.
The chair endorses proper posture and and is very comfortable to sit in. Comfort is essential during long gaming sessions as much is looking after the body with good back support. I’m not sure on the official weight capacity but users over 200 LBS swear by this gamers chair and have enjoyed gaming in it for years now.


Has your gaming Boyfriend,Girlfriend, Son, Daughter, Friend etc got a million and one devices running USB cords all over the shop?. One can never have too many USB ports, especially considering many people have multiple gaming consoles. This is a nifty little gift idea that will actually be very handy for a gamer. Keep all the USB connectivity centralized to one position. Never run out of USB ports either.


Many gamers play games for the sake of playing games. While others go online and battle against the best of the best. Unfortunately in the world of online gaming, everything isn’t free. Game add on’s, extras, actual games, monthly subscriptions etc all cost money. So an online network gift card can unlock so much more then just a gift. But a whole new level of additional gaming. Starting from just $10 you can choose which platform your gamer needs. It will never go to waste. There’s always new content available to buy.
Help contribute to this list of ideas by telling us what you think would make a great gift idea for the gaming specimen. Perhaps there’s something in this list you think is totally not suited?. Or something we have nailed as the perfect gift?. We value your thought’s and would love to hear your input. Please leave your suggestions or recommendations in the comment box below