The Adventure of Link Strategies

Just when you thought that the creators of Zelda had had enough, the Adventures of Link comes out. Here you have different strategies that are available for you if you know where to look for the certain tips and tricks. In The Adventures of Link, you get to have another quest to rescue the princess from a sleeping spell. Some of the strategies that have worked in this game to help you will the game are:

1. Gain Experience- When you place a crystal in the statue, you will be given experience. When this happens, pause the game, and go to the save screen. On the second controller press up and the “A” button and then select another file. That file will show you the amount of experience you should have gotten. You can get another file to rise in experience quicker than normal.

2. Great Palace Strategy- In order to beat this level, you want to get through it as quick as possible. Using the ceilings like in Super Mario Brothers will allow you to escape a lot of enemies. This is done by dashing. Dashing is accomplished by holding the left and right directional buttons and then pressing the direction you want to go repeatedly.

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3. Locks without Keys- You can go through locked doors without keys by using the fairy spell. This will allow you to turn into a fairy and go right through the keyholes. If you have full magic, then you can go through all the doors without any problem.

The thing about strategies is that they help you when you cannot accomplish it on your own. If you are playing The Adventures of Link for the first time for NES, then you should try to accomplish all the game by yourself and without the different strategies. You will be amazed at the fact that you might be able to get all the strategies on your own.

As you play the Adventures of Link, you will find more strategies that will allow you to have hours and hours of game play. These are not hard to find with the different secret passageways and different moves that you can do. You can explore the game and find these if you have the time and patience. The Adventures of Zelda is a fun game that will give you a different storyline instead of the others and you get to have more of a challenge when you are in game play.

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